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    The ace staple food canned with 97% fresh meat content is a healthy "can army" that cats love to eat. The original dry food formula, adding 5% pomegranate seeds and cranberries, improves the urinary tract pH caused by dry food. Urinary tract blockage and infection keep cats away from health problems.

  • Filet à la carte

    The filet series lunch box is made of large pieces of tender tenderloin. The formula is rich in high-quality salmon oil to protect the skin and hair of cats. 1% pomegranate seeds are added to effectively antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The production process of mild aging makes the wet food meat more textured Fresh, easy to digest and absorb, the balanced formula provides the minerals and taurine that cats need daily.

  • Wet food

    The pure meat cans imported from Portugal, the dehydrated meat content is as high as 98%, and the whole can is full of meat. The rich soup is added in it, and when you open it, it has a strong fragrance. It has its own fishing fleet. The catch is freshly caught by the Atlantic Ocean and landed in time to ensure that every bite is fresh.

  • Naturals dry food

    All fresh boneless fish and meat are used without refrigeration, which retains nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids rich in raw materials. Up to 75% meat content, without adding any wheat, corn and other grains, with blueberries, seaweed and other fruits and vegetables, balanced nutrition, let the kitten grow up healthily!

  • Grain Free dry food

    Using fresh fish and meat as the first raw material, zero grain addition reduces the possibility of pet food allergies. Each product has added precious omega3 and omega6 and other vitamins and minerals, supplemented by sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables, etc. to provide pets with enough protein and vitamins, and low carbohydrates, giving pets a nutritious and balanced diet


    Rich in 90% meat/fish and vegetables, the coarse grinding process retains the original shredded meat, rich chewing, balanced nutrition builds the foundation of immunity, 14 kinds of natural antibacterial herbs are all from the Algaon, high-quality fish oil helps build strong skin, 35% high protein15 % low fat, keep your dog away from health hazards through diet.

  • Mini Royal

    GranataPet is a dog food series specially designed for small dog breeds. The design of dry food small grains and the more pure and balanced formula of wet food are especially suitable for small dog breeds. The balanced calcium and phosphorus ratio and the addition of New Zealand green-lipped mussels are beneficial to the bones of puppies. and joints, Norwegian salmon oil protects your pet's skin and helps smoothen its coat.

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