Q. There are individual shapes and colors that are different
In the packaging process, during the batch production interval of different pet food, the production line will perform a thorough production line cleaning to prevent the mixing of food from different production batches, but there is still a small chance that dry food from different product lines will be mixed. The original factory guarantees that all processes in the grain bagging process are strictly implemented in accordance with the standards. Based on the characteristics of the bagging machinery and equipment, it is impossible to guarantee the complete isolation of the production line, but there is no safety problem for all dry grains.
Q. Cats suddenly don't like canned food with the same taste
Don’t guess the kitten’s mind, it’s very common for the canned food that I used to love to not eat for a period of time. It may be that the cat tasted small differences in the raw materials from different batches. (For example, uncontrollable factors such as the fat rate of animal raw materials) Parents can moderately adjust the diet of cats and cats to reduce the phenomenon of picky eaters.
Q. canned food with bones
Our products use deboned fresh meat, but it is still impossible to completely avoid the residue of bone fragments. In addition to the factors of the coarse grinding process, some small bones may not be completely crushed. Under normal circumstances, small bones will not harm cats. If there are bones of a certain volume, please ask the owner to pick them out.
Q. The can contains a very stretchy, fascial rubber-like substance.
The internal organs of animals are relatively tough, and the rough grinding process may cause some internal organs to not be completely crushed. This is a common phenomenon in canned food. Kittens with good teeth, please rest assured to eat, kittens with bad teeth, please help the owner Pick it out.
Q. There is a black substance in the can, like sand?
Because poultry animals have the habit of eating sand in the wild, this is most likely the residue in the stomach bag of animal raw materials. Our canned food strictly follows the food requirements during the entire production process. The cleaning process is complete and there should be not much residue. After the foreign body is picked out, it will not affect the normal consumption. If the number of foreign bodies is large, please contact our after-sales colleagues again.
Q. Cans of the same flavor but with a different color or smell of meat?
Due to different batches of products with the same taste, the raw materials will be affected by seasonality, and the oil content will also have certain differences. These factors may be the reasons for the change in taste. As long as the cans are well packaged and there are no leaking cans, you can still feed them with confidence.
Q. There is a gray-green substance on the surface of the can, is it moldy?
Several feline minerals are added for balanced nutrition, including calcium carbonate, which may appear as a green/yellow/grey/brown precipitate after steaming. In addition, the pomegranate seed component (powder) in the product may form gray-green crystals and float on the top of the can if it is not evenly stirred during preparation. As long as the outer packaging of the tin is intact, there will be no problem if the tin is not swollen or leaked. The owners can rest assured to feed.